Programs and Newsletters of Founders Day


On Jan 8, 2002 Samuel Lee passed away suddenly due to the fire at home. Many grieved for the loss. Grace Lee suffered most as a widow. She wished to commemorate him every year. Since Samuel Lee was a founder, many members of our church wished to commemorate him together with her on a larger scale. Sarah Barry, then General Director, and the Board of Elders were mindful of the situation. In 2003 they established Founders Day and formed a committee: Mark Yoon, Ron Ward, James Kim, Paul Koh and Charles Kim. The general director is an ex-officio in the committee. They appointed Mark Yoon to be the chairman. They asked the committee to keep the celebration of the Founders Day on his birthday. The committee met and refined the direction: celebrate annually the Founders Day on the Friday evening that is closest to the Samuel Lee's birthday, Oct. 9. The committee asked the chapters in the vicinity of Chicago to join the celebration, but advised the other chapters to join on a voluntary basis. When John Jun succeeded Sarah Barry in 2006 as a general director he appointed Paul Koh to be a chairman, since Mark Yoon left for Boston. At the time John Jun added two more people to the committee: Daniel Yang and Augustine Sohn.

On the first Founders Day in Oct. 2003 the committee chose Joshua Lee as a main lecturer. After Samuel Lee passed away many remembered what he did and thanked God for using him for their new life in Christ. At the same time many leaders grappled with our identity and defined spiritual heritage that characterized us as a church. Collective wisdom produced 8 mottos. Joshua Lee wrote a book based on each motto, which was the basis of his lecture. From 2004, the committee decided to follow the pioneering work of Samuel Lee. This helped us to cover his pioneering spirit and shepherd heart for God’s flock. Briefly, the committee covered Seoul (2004), Germany (2005), USA (2006), USA (2007), CIS (2008), Latin America (2009), Africa (2010), and Asia (2011). From the year of pioneering Latin America, the committee recognized that Joseph Ahn was the founder of Latin America. Yet the committee decided to cover all the remaining continents. The Founders Day committee was dismissed in 2011 after covering the last continent Asia.

We consider the products of the Founders Day significant, which is part of UBF history. We post the program sheets and newsletters. The program sheet was published and distributed from the first year to the end. On the other hand the newsletters are available only from 2006.


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