While Pilate interrogated Jesus, Pilate had hard time in understanding Jesus' kingdom and his kingship (Jn. 18). So Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world. ... You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me." Jesus was not interested in expanding his territory and building an army like Julius Caesar. Jesus was interested in the people who loved the truth. He shared that they would follow him regardless of their location and age. Jesus would protect and guide them to live according to the truth. They are his kingdom.

Building the kingdom of God was his primary objective from the beginning (Mk. 1:15). It has been realized through the church - the group of believers. Jesus embarked on the mission that would require more than his life time. He started such enormous task by winning one person: Peter. Peter was a man of genuine heart. Peter grew in faith and had conviction that Jesus was the Christ (Mk. 8:29). He disowned Jesus during his trial, but was reinstated by Jesus' love (Jn. 21). After the Jesus' ascension it was Peter who proclaimed that Jesus was the Christ (Ac. 2). Peter led the early church and laid the foundation. His story is the history of church.

Our church started in 1961 when Samuel Lee and Sarah Barry met together with the common mission: helping college students with the Bible. At the start they won the heart of two college students: John Jun and Joseph Jung. Growing as Jesus' disciple John Jun said, "Even if Samuel Lee leaves UBF, I stay." His short statement has a profound meaning. Briefly, he acknowledged that God used the two founders to establish UBF. He observed many students experiencing a new life in Christ. He was convicted that UBF was the instrument of God. He was determined to be part of it. John Jun became the national director of Korea when Samuel Lee left for USA as a missionary in 1977. At that time John Jun gave up his lucrative profession as a medical doctor. In 2006 John Jun became the general director succeeding Sarah Barry. After passing his leadership to Abraham Kim in 2011, he travels around the world edifying our missionaries with the Bible. So the story of John Jun is the history of UBF.

After the graduation Joseph Chung became a medical doctor serving many students with the Bible at the same time. In 1976 Joseph Chung went to USA as a lay missionary and prepared an environment for a year before Samuel Lee joined him in Chicago. While he worked as a medical doctor Joseph Chung worked closely with Samuel Lee as the president of the Board of Elders for 30 years. In 2009 he passed his leadership to James Kim and went to Uganda like a young missionary - at the age of 70. He cares for the sick and teaches the Bible to those who are eager to learn. He is happy with his mission despite hardship. He is the Albert Schweitzer of Uganda. His story is the history of UBF.

One can never overstress, "The church is not the building, but the people." Our church is not an exception. Our buildings and infrastructure are not what makes UBF. We are UBF. Our story is the history of UBF. Most of us have had an opportunity to write a life testimony and share it with others. It is good to develop one's testimony into a full story and share it not only among ourselves, but also anyone who is interested. Their story will inspire many who want to join the kingdom of God. Their stories will be presented here as available in alphabetical order.