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Christian church started from the Mark' s upper room where 120 people gathered together after the Jesus' ascension (Acts 1:14). In 10 days after the gathering, or 50 days after the Jesus' resurrection, they received the Holy Spirit. They began witnessing to Jesus Christ. From that time on church members increased by leaps and bounds. Many denominations or independent churches have branched out throughout the centuries. Every church has its own history. Our church, the University Bible Fellowship (UBF), has its own story as well. Our church started in 1961 and has grown worldwide. In comparison with other churches like the Catholic and Presbyterian church, we are still young, but have distinctive history.

From the outset of ministry our members kept records on various facts, meetings and events. For example, they wrote a report after having a Bible conference. They left meeting notes that include important decisions. When the directors of each chapter gathered, they published annual reports. This practice continues to this date. None of us, however, had written our history cohesively until 1990. In 1991 Sarah Barry wrote the history of our church. She not only witnessed the events, but also planned many of them. In 1990 Moses Chung explored our history in light of layman movement among students. The Chicago chapter held the annual Founders Day from 2003 to 2012. During this period our history was written continent by continent. Some of us have written the history of their chapters, presented it during major events and have published it. We keep those here as a central place.

The history site is organized by four areas: Reports, Chapters, People and Heritage. The Reports site retains written documents on current events, mostly the facts as they evolve. Those become part of history as years pass. The Chapters site retains a cohesive history of each chapter regarding its birth, growth and development. The chapter history not only narrates stories, but also includes the evaluation of the past for future. The People site is the biography of individuals who has been faithful and made a great contribution to our church and the society. The Heritage site shares our core values cumulated over the years. The heritage is what happened in the past, remains today and shapes our future. This reveals the characters of our church as well.